Discover a Skin Tightening Eye Serum

effective skin tightening eye serum. For many years, only celebrities, actors and entertainers had access to the effective products. Even if they knew what products were effective, most people could not afford them. But, things are changing.

For one thing, some manufacturers are changing the way that they do business. They are taking advantage of what the internet has to offer in the way of advertising, mostly by word of mouth or e-mail.

By using the internet for advertising, they can forego expensive television, radio or print campaigns. That keeps their bottom line costs lower. So, they can still make a nice profit, without charging their Skincell Advanced results  customers a fortune.

Some of the ingredients that have proven to be most effective for firming up the skin’s outer layers include peptides. Peptides are like tiny fragments of proteins. They contain a combination of amino acids, but far fewer than are found in most proteins.

Collagen, for example, is a protein, but the structure is too complex to be absorbed into the skin’s layers. So, while collagen creams might make you look a little better, because of the moisture that they provide and the “glow” that they give to your face.

But, if you want a truly effective skin tightening eye serum, collagen is not an ingredient to look for. Peptides are ingredients to look for. A number of different studies have shown that peptides are effective for reducing bags, improving the skin’s thickness, getting rid of dark circles and, basically, “de-aging” the area beneath the eyes.

That area of the face is particularly thin. Whereas there are four to five layers of epidermis on the rest of your face, there are only three to four layers in the area beneath the eyes.

The fatty layer of tissue that is present on your cheeks is largely absent beneath your eyes, as well. Even an effective skin tightening eye serum cannot add an extra layer of fat, but it can thicken the layers of the epidermis.

In addition to the problem with excessive thinness, the capillaries in the area are particularly delicate, prone to breaking, which is the cause of dark circles. A citrus bioflavonoid (a kind of antioxidant) called hesperidin is well known for promoting the health and strength of the capillaries, preventing the breakage.