Football Safety Gear

Football is an intensive contact sport. It is highly physical and without proper safety gear, players are sure to sustain serious injuries. Safety gear is thus, an integral part of football.

Head Gear:

The head can sustain severe injuries during football unless it has adequate protection.

Helmet: This is the most important piece of headgear. The helmet is made from non-breakable plastic and has foam lining on the inside. It has a face guard on the front to protect the face.

Mouth Piece: A mouthpiece fits inside the mouth of a player. It protects the teeth and the mouth of the player.

Chin Strip: Chin strips ensure that the helmet stays in place during a tackle.

Jaw Pads: Jaw pads sit in the helmet’s jaw lining. The head thus, has ทางเข้า ufabet protection from any hits to the jaw.

Body Gear:

These protect the ribs and the abdomen from sharp hits and injuries.

Shoulder Pads: Shoulder pads fit on to the shoulder of the player. They are bulky and offer protection to the ribs, chest and the scapula.

Neck Roll: The neck roll is a padded, circular piece of body gear, which sits around the neck, reducing the chances of a whiplash.

Rib Pads: Rib pads protect the ribs of the player. Some offer protection to the lower back as well. Rib pads usually go under the shoulder pads.

Shock Pads: Shock pads sit under the shoulder pads. They offer the player more cushioning and comfort during play.

Leg Gear:

Because football needs the player to run easily, leg gear is relatively light.