How HomeVestors Helped This Retiree Sell His Historic Home (to the Perfect Owner!)

Marty Rogus had lived in the house he grew up in for 60 years. However, when he was diagnosed with a disease and became unwell, he was not capable of taking care of his family and the house. With medical expenses piling increasing, Rogus knew that he required to sell his home fast. He also wanted to find the right buyer for the home which was in his family for many generations.

He reached out to his wife, Sharon Borowski, for assistance. “He was in such a state of sickness. I had to sell my house quickly so that I could concentrate on the things that really mattered,” she said.

Borowski’s acquaintances had told her about their experiences with HomeVestors and she decided to contact the company that buys houses. Mike Tassone, a Chicago-based franchisee of HomeVestors immediately assisted her with the support she required to market her house.

“It’s difficult enough taking the care of your loved family members in the event of illness. However, selling their home of a lifetime to top it all off can be much more challenging,” said Tassone. “It was essential that we ensure that this process was as easy and fast as we could. A little less to take off of a busy plate.”

The experience for Rogus and Borowski For Borowski and Rogus, the HomeVestors experience was beyond their expectations. “Mike was fantastic. He visited my house to discuss the home, not making me go around in search of with him.” Borowski said. “Anything I told for him to accomplish, he completed it. He leaned backwards the rest of it.” Looking to sell your house fast for cash? We beat the other guys’ offers get a quote.

Thanks to HomeVestors the house went on sale quickly. “We are so happy we were able to help Sharon get the house sold for her and her better half,” Tassone stated.

However, even after the sale taking care of the previous owners was equally crucial. As the house was being renovated for future owners HomeVestors offered Rogus as well as Borowski an chance to be actively involved in the renovation process. So they could experience the peace of mind which resulted from knowing their beloved home was in safe care.

“I would absolutely recommend HomeVestors – especially Mike – to anyone that find themselves in a similar situation to me,” Borowski said. “I had a great experience and was very happy with the outcome.”