Your World View: Kingdom Of God Or Kingdom Of This World?

Over directing our clients, we have perceived how their perspective on the “genuine” world contrasted with the scriptural view is a critical piece of assisting them with their otherworldly development, redemption and recuperating.

Throw Colson characterized perspective as “the whole of our convictions about the world.” Do they see it according to God’s viewpoint (a Kingdom of God view) which centers around bits of knowledge and disclosure from the good book? Do they have more confidence in “realities” gathered from the common 24-hour news outlook; the realm of this world view. Or on the other hand, similar to a café buffet line, do they go ahead and blend and match to suit their preferences?

The table underneath contrasts in a couple of areas of conflict:

Perspective on:


Realm of This World (KOW): Inherently great. Offering the planet  The god of this world to other living animals.
Realm of God (KOG): God’s valued creation. Sin nature; inclination to sin. Bound to everlasting life in paradise or damnation (man’s decision).


KOW: Personal decision. All ways lead to a similar spot.
KOG: God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

World’s concerns

KOW: Fixable by man through co-activity, resistance and expanded information.
KOG: Not fixable by man; it is broken and no one but Christ can bring reclamation.


KOW: Everything eventually by physical science and science; all logical given sufficient opportunity and assets.
KOG: God’s unfurling disclosure of His Creation. A few things will stay a secret this side of paradise.

God’s job on the planet

KOW: Minimal normally; impartial onlooker or an asset to be called upon when we really want his assistance
KOG: Sovereign over all. Permits evil to happen however not piece of His will for man.

Soul domain

KOW: Mythical or all inclusive life force that enables us to help ourselves.
KOG: God, heavenly messengers and evil presences. Where the genuine landmark is


KOW: Mythical or harmless insidious power
KOG: Real made being who rules over evil presence spirits